Skip My Mistake; Focus on E-gineering’s Excellence

I absolutely hate making mistakes. Most people do, but when you’re in the communication business the errors are out there for all to read … or see … or in this case hear.

I won’t relive some of the past black marks. At least there haven’t been too many — compared to the amount of newspaper, magazine (and even a little radio and TV) work over the past 20-plus years. I started when I was really young!

Anyway, E-gineering earned the No. 1 ranking on the small/medium list at the recent Best Places to Work in Indiana awards celebration. But while I’m interviewing Nick Taylor, one of the company owners, on an Inside INdiana Business TV segment, I refer to the company as E-Engineering (you know, with the extra "e").

Yes, the name was spelled right on the bottom of the screen. Yes, I got it right in the pronunciation at the end of the segment. And despite Taylor being gracious after viewing the segment on the air and assuring me that the name is commonly mispronounced, I’ll still deservedly beat up on myself for a while.

But for your pleasure, please watch the video (looking past my screw-up) and read the BizVoice story. You will see what a great job the company has done in creating a true family atmosphere in the workplace.

And for a mistake-free video, check out the work of the Chamber’s Tony Spataro in putting together a quick recap of the Best Places dinner. It captured the excitement of the sixth annual event.