So It’s Not a New Problem We’re Talking About

The Kiplinger Letter has been offering business and political information and analysis for what seems like forever. I couldn’t help but notice that it delivered this familiar blast from the past, which originally appeared in 1957.

"People ask why government won’t cut taxes and spending. OK, here’s why: The whole system is geared to spending more … on practically every front. Every government administrator, big or little, wants more for his functions … and is backed by like-minded lobbies in Washington, lobbying for more. Every member of Congress tries to get more for his district, his voters. Even the average citizen, perhaps even you, has some special interest, and wants government to spend more for that, and economize on other things. Almost no one dares stick his neck out for cuts … on any specified front.

"The total forces for spending exceed the total of forces for cutting. And, mind you, this applies to the general public as well as to government."

And that was from 54 years ago!