Some Good News on the Education Front

A lot of time is spent strategizing about what can be done to improve our state (and nation’s) K-12 schools. It’s a necessary venture, but one that can leave you with a negativity complex.

For the 10th year in a row, the Chamber offers some good news with the release of its Indiana’s Best Buys report. Officially, it recognizes the public high schools that provide the highest educational achievement for the lowest amount of taxpayer funding.

The issue takes on more importance than ever with even the normal "we’ll boost education spending by X%" in jeopardy this legislative session. There are 132 "best buys" in 2008 with 10 schools being honored on location over the next two days.

It’s not the only way to measure the schools, but it’s comprehensive and gives a proper salute to high achievers throughout the state. Check out the press release and report.

We’ll strive to update with a few details from some of the school presentations.