Sound Off on Pet Peeves

Most of the time, I’m Ms. Positivity. As my dad says, “It’s better to be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right.” That said, I’m feeling a bit surly today and want to share a few things that – put simply – annoy the heck out of me. Here goes:

  • Schoolyard bullies and the lack of consequences (in many cases) for their cruel behavior
  • Smiling at a stranger in passing and receiving an empty stare in return (come on people, is it really that hard?)
  • Arriving at a restaurant that’s nearly empty and – as my stomach growls – watching multiple customers who arrive significantly later being served first
  • People who assume baristas should automatically know their coffee preferences
  • Parents who are unduly short-tempered with their kids at the grocery store (children grow up fast; enjoy them while you can!)
  • Happily plopping down on the couch to watch a show I have “DVRd” and realizing that, because a football or basketball game has gone into overtime, only part of the episode was recorded (Nooooo!)
  • Rude customers during the holiday season
  • Coaches who berate young kids for losing games rather than providing a fun, supportive learning environment (way to be a role model)
  • Buyer’s remorse (did I really need that $15 lunch?)
  • The phrase, “I could care less.” Repeat after me: “I couldn’t care less.”

What ruffles your feathers? I hate that expression. Just kidding!