Star Wars, Barbie and Batman, Oh My!

Buried treasure – that’s how I think of childhood relics awaiting rediscovery in crowded garages, sheds and storage units. So, you can imagine my glee when I stumbled upon Travel Channel’s "Toy Hunter," which follows dealer Jordan Hembrough’s journey to uncover rare collectibles.

“It’s the very first Barbie doll!” I exclaimed – following a gasp and my eyes practically jumping out of my head – just seconds after tuning in. Barbie and I go way back. I’ve been a collector since childhood.

The owner sold the doll, which debuted in 1959, for more than $2,000. Then off went Barbie to find a new home at an auction!

Other finds in the episode included "Star Wars" memorabilia, a vintage "Batman" toy car and the cape Christopher Reeves wore in Superman. Did you know he wasn’t the first choice to play the Man of Steel? Others in the running at one time or another were Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Sylvester “Yo, Adrian!” Stallone and Burt Reynolds. Interesting.

The moral of the story: You’re never too old for a trip down memory lane. And … whatever you do, don’t throw your toys away!