Starbucks to Offer Wireless Cell Phone Charging

I’ve been accused of having a slightly-obsessive attachment to my cell phone, and justifiably so. It’s the first item I grab when leaving a room, and it typically sits dutifully by my side wherever I’m at. So when I glimpse the battery icon flashing red, warning of its imminent death, I hope that I’m near an outlet to charge it back to life.

Starbucks understands this dilemma. The world’s largest coffee-shop operator is taking it a step further by offering customers the ability to wirelessly recharge their mobile devices, forgoing the hassle of finding an outlet to plug phone chargers into.

Starbucks is teaming with Duracell Powermat to provide this convenient service. Customers will be able to set their cell phones on Powermat Spots located on the counters and tables to charge their devices. The coffee-selling chain has continuously worked to create an ideal atmosphere for customers to encourage them to prolong their stay. In 2010, Starbucks began offering free Internet and has recently looked into a service allowing customers to order items on their phone ahead of time.

No longer will coffee lovers have to hunt down outlets to save their phones from demise. We cell phone enthusiasts will be able to enjoy our coffee in peace, comforted by the steadily-refilling battery.