Steinberger Sets the Safety Standard, Governor Notices

Steinberger Construction will begin its fourth annual Super Safety Training Day on Sept. 19. The 63-year-old Logansport company began the event, which is attended by the company’s employees and contract workers, as a way to promote safety on the jobsite.

"It gets bigger and bigger every year," says Steinberger’s Loryn Martin of the event, which now includes approximately 120 employees and instructors.

During training, all Steinberger employees and contract workers attend up to 12 classes focusing on safety areas like fall protection, excavation and trenching, fire safety, electrical safety, and hazard recognition. Local officials also play a large role as the town’s fire department and the Indiana State Police, among others, take part in demonstrations.

Because of this commitment to safety, Steinberger has won the Governor’s Workplace Safety Award for general contractors two years in a row. The award is presented to businesses in Indiana who have reduced workplace accidents and illnesses and make workplace safety a top priority.

The Indiana Chamber would like to offer kudos to Steinberger Construction and says thanks for setting such a high bar in the state.