Still Getting the Job Done at The Paper

As an old (that's as in former, not a comment on age) newspaper guy, I have a special place in my heart for print success stories. With the focus on social media, instantaneous news and the like, however, those successes are more difficult to come by in recent years.

Congratulations to The Paper of Montgomery County, preparing to start its 10th year of publication. It is one of two daily newspapers in Crawfordsville, remarkable in a world today in which few two-paper cities remain — much less communities of about 12,000 people.

Tim Timmons is publisher and CEO. I had a fascinating discussion with Tim just a couple of years into his paper's adventure. At the time he was promoting his book, Coaching Success, that made strong comparisons between the athletic and business worlds. Read Tim's guest column about the book in a 2005 BizVoice edition.

Timmons noted in a recent email that not many people gave his crew a chance nine years ago when it was starting from scratch. But since then, "we have grown, bought a weekly, another daily and our Paper of Montgomery County is still rolling off the press each day."

Tim Brewer, our standout VP of Membership, is a Crawfordsville native. Thanks, Tim, for sharing this update on our Chamber member and Indiana success story. And kudos to the team from The Paper of Montgomery County.