Sunshine State Illuminates Those Looking for Lower Taxes

The St. Petersburg Times reports how Florida is drawing wealthy new citizens, as well as business owners put off by income tax hikes in states like New York.

Nancy Bell doesn’t consider herself rich. But as part-owner of Science First, a maker of science products for schools, Bell is in the $200,000-plus a year category and was facing higher income taxes in New York.

"In a way they are almost vilifying company owners saying we should pay more," Bell said.

Facing both higher income taxes and lost incentives for investing in a "gritty" part of Buffalo, Bell decided to move the family-owned, 40-year-old company out of New York.

Last month, Science First opened its new headquarters in Yulee, north of Jacksonville. Two of Bell’s sons are running the operation.

Bell, 60, said she was saddened leaving her longtime home but uplifted by the community response in Florida. "Nassau County was very, very receptive to us. We can’t say enough," she said.