Surgery Center in South Bend Celebrates Milestones

Allied Physicians Surgery Center (an Indiana Chamber member in South Bend) is currently celebrating a couple of major landmarks. The physician-owned, multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center celebrated its 100,000th case last month, and will reach its 10th anniversary this Valentine’s Day.

"Reaching 100,000 cases in less than 10 years is pretty remarkable," explains Controller Thomasine Harrison. "We’ve actually reached over 12,000 cases in a year before."

She adds that while the economy has impacted the business to a degree, its challenges haven’t been as notable as those in other industries.

"The economy has impacted us a bit in recent years, although not as badly as some," Harrison says. "But because we’re close to Elkhart, we’ve seen our worker’s compensation cases go down."

Lagging economy notwithstanding, the past and future of Allied Physicians Surgery Center remains quite bright.

"When we first started, we had a smaller physician base, and we’ve added specialties over the years (including ophthalmology and facial plastic surgery)," explains Clinical Director Chuck Strasser. "Now we’re really helping the community as far as access, and we offer a cost-effective, safe environment."

Founded in 2000, the company has grown to host 90 employees and features a very low turnover ratio.

"I think we have a very happy staff," Strasser contends. "One nice thing we do is offer a productivity bonus each year based on our success, so people like that."

It seems that treating its staff well directly correlates to happy workers and customers.

"Doctors like to do their cases here because they can get on our schedule easily and our staff is well-trained," Harrison notes. "We average 99-100% satisfaction rating from our patients. They say our people genuinely care about their well-being."

The company also has an ardor for community service, taking part in programs with the United Way, Logan Center and the local fire department.

Allied Physicians is a member of the Indiana Federation of Ambulatory Surgery Centers and is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. If you require an elective surgery and want more information, contact Allied Physicians at (574) 243-9700.