Survey: Search for Certainty Continues

The U.S. Chamber recently released findings from a small business survey. A few interesting findings:

  • 55% of respondents cited economic uncertainty as their greatest hiring obstacle.
  • 35% said Washington uncertainty impacted growth.
  • 35% cited too little revenue as their greatest obstacle. 
  • Two of the top issues of concern are America’s debt and the health care law. Eighty percent of respondents said America’s debt and deficit have a negative impact on their business, and 72% said the health care law has made hiring more difficult.
  • By a 73% to 17% margin, respondents said that the business climate of the last two years has hindered their growth. Respondents were split in how they view the next two years, with 38% believing the climate will improve, 37% believing that it will worsen and the remainder uncertain.