NY Times Poll: Americans Speak Out

One may not always agree with the politics of The New York Times, but its stature and credibility can rarely be questioned. A recent public poll conducted by the newspaper revealed some sobering results, such as:

  • Only 64% of respondents saying they still believe in the American dream. This was the lowest result in nearly two decades.
  • 54% said that “over-regulation that may interfere with economic growth” was a bigger problem than “too little regulation that may create an unequal distribution of wealth (38%).”
  • Only 52% think the country’s economic system is fair.
  • More than 75% are concerned about having enough money for retirement
  • 70% view the stock market as “risky,” down from 79% in 2008. 52% think the stock market unfairly benefits rich investors at the expense of average Americans
  • Nearly 90% are concerned that their personal information may be stolen. 40% stopped an online purchase because of security concerns.

U.S. Chamber Announces American Dream Photo Contest

While we’re not affiliated with the U.S. Chamber, we wanted to make you aware of a contest they’re having, in which winners will receive a trip for two to our nation’s capital:

With the Fourth of July around the corner, we’re celebrating the American Dream and the small businesses that embody it.

You and I both know that people with passion, great ideas and the will to succeed are what make America great.

In honor of that spirit and the millions of small businesses who took a risk to make their dreams a reality, we’re launching the American Dream Photo Contest

To enter, simply upload a photo of a small business that embodies the American Dream by July 13. Tell us briefly what the American Dream means to you and why your photo represents what’s best about our country. The winner will receive a trip for two to Washington, D.C.

The winning submission will be selected by your votes and announced by July 29.

The vision set forth 235 years ago on July 4 is alive and well today. It lives on through every citizen that takes a risk to pursue his or her dream and strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit of our country.

Learn more about the American Dream Photo Contest by visiting our Facebook page now.

Hat tip to our Cam Carter for the info.