Heaton, Truitt Falling Behind Late

Chamber-endorsed State House candidates Bob Heaton (R – HD46) and Randy Truitt (R – HD26) have fallen behind with few precincts yet to report. Michael Davis adds that Truitt had been strong during the campaign, but polling showed him trending down in the past two weeks leading up to the election.

"I think students (at Purdue) are a big part of that," Davis said. "I think this year we’ve seen the top of the ticket (Obama) having more impact on key house races than in the past. Usually, these races are more local."

Strong Allies Working Together to WIN!

Over the last two weeks, I had the pleasure of joining with the Indiana Manufacturer Association’s (IMA) Ed Roberts to announce the Indiana Chamber and IMA’s endorsement of candidates running for state representative. The three candidates our organizations endorsed were Bob Heaton (HD46 – Terre Haute), Mark Messmer (HD63 – Jasper) and Randy Truitt (HD26 – West Lafayette).

Over the years, we have fought many battles together and almost always support the same candidates. Our two organizations are strong, strong allies and we work together on many projects, but appearing together to announce candidate endorsements was a first. And, our timing could not have been better. These three candidates are all in tough, competitive races and need the help of the business community to win. These three candidates are all small business owners who understand the difficulties of making a payroll, growing a company, providing training and education for workers, and the importance of economic development to their community.

By working together with the IMA (and several other like-minded business allies), we can and will win tough campaigns and move the economy of Indiana forward. With the example of the complete lack of cooperation occurring in Washington, D.C. as a backdrop, it is good to know that the Indiana business community is working together closely and focused on what is important this election year – WINNING with small business owners like Bob Heaton, Mark Messmer and Randy Truitt.