Butler to Offer Leadership Workshop Oct. 21 Featuring Brad Stevens

Butler University is hosting a workshop on values-based leadership Oct. 21. Here is the agenda for the event, and you can register here:

The topic of Values-based Leadership is one that by its nature invites personal reflection as well as an exploration of values and culture in the broader organization. This day-long workshop will provide opportunities for active discussion, stimulating presentations and observation of The Butler Way at work during basketball practice. This highly interactive day will include the following:

  • Welcome by Butler’s incoming President, James Danko. President Danko has a strong personal and professional interest in values-based Leadership.
  • Facilitated table discussions regarding leadership values. This will include self-reflection as well as guided discussions of team and organization values and culture that impact performance.
  • Discussion of our core values and beliefs as leaders.
  • A summary of leadership research and its impact on organization performance.
  • A framework for values-based Leadership, organization values, culture and performance.
  • Real world examples of values-based Leadership including a local business example.
  • The roots and evolution of The Butler Way: it encompasses more than basketball.
  • The Butler Way at work in the University’s sports programs, especially basketball.
  • The opportunity to watch the men’s basketball team in a live practice session.

Go Butler!

Here’s a little poem I penned a couple of years ago. Pardon my indulgence, but I thought it was apropos for the moment. Though the city and most of the state claim other alma maters, this weekend we’re all for Butler (at least in my family, considering my dad was Brad Stevens’ eighth grade coach). Go Dogs!!!

A Night at Hinkle

The ball is tipped into the air;
Hot dogs, popcorn, standard fare.
Tho not so standard are the seats;
The years, the tears, and few defeats.

Bulldogs running stride for stride;
King Bulldog barking from the side.
Yet even he must leave behind
The pensive thoughts that grace his mind
Of so much history in one place –
The challengers, the goods, the greats.
One feels so pleasured by the presence
Of ghosts who haunt these hardwood heavens.

All these years since Mr. Hoover,
In our hearts, we’ll never lose her.
Plump’s last shot a great surprise;
College kids and college tries.

Unprivileged are those who must
Play their games in fancy-fussed
Arenas, gyms that feel so plastic;
Too much shine seems so bombastic.

I’ll take this place any day –
This sculpture almost made of clay,
So perfect every last detail,
In black & white, her walls regale.

For one thousand stars that twinkle,
I wouldn’t trade one night at Hinkle.