Survey: Search for Certainty Continues

The U.S. Chamber recently released findings from a small business survey. A few interesting findings:

  • 55% of respondents cited economic uncertainty as their greatest hiring obstacle.
  • 35% said Washington uncertainty impacted growth.
  • 35% cited too little revenue as their greatest obstacle. 
  • Two of the top issues of concern are America’s debt and the health care law. Eighty percent of respondents said America’s debt and deficit have a negative impact on their business, and 72% said the health care law has made hiring more difficult.
  • By a 73% to 17% margin, respondents said that the business climate of the last two years has hindered their growth. Respondents were split in how they view the next two years, with 38% believing the climate will improve, 37% believing that it will worsen and the remainder uncertain.

Business Owners Tell It Like It Is

Earlier this week, we shared a fictional video that depicted the uncertain regulatory climate and its impact on business. Now, two groups – Public Notice and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council – have a series of stories from actual small business owners who are in the position of wondering about their ability to survive.

"Moving Forward in Uncertain Times," begins a four-part series called "The Story of Business." The first video features Wes Garner, President of Great Lakes Calcium Corp. in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

"Like families across America, business owners are having to make tough choices.  They’ve cut hours, costs, and even laid off dedicated employees. These entrepreneurs are heavily invested in their businesses and have everything to lose-but they don’t see Washington making the same tough choices," said Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice.

In order to survive and thrive, business owners need pro-growth policies that provide clarity and certainty. Without these, business investment, expansion, and job creation suffer. Unfortunately, Washington has produced new laws and regulations that have added to business costs and widespread confusion among business owners.  In addition, unresolved issues – like what the tax rates will be next year, and whether certain tax incentives will be available – are keeping entrepreneurs on the sidelines, and general business confidence in the tank.

"Small business owners do not have it easy, even in good economic times.  They’ve certainly been put to the test during the last two years.  Unfortunately, Washington only made matters worse — imposing mandates businesses can’t interpret and threatening to raise taxes to make up for years of overspending. Entrepreneurs face an uncertain future and they simply can’t afford what government is currently dishing out," said Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO of the SBE Council.

Wanting the ‘Wait’ to be Over

Indiana business owners and operators are saying it. The Indiana Chamber continues to weigh in on their behalf with the same message. It extends beyond our state to most of the rest of the nation.

It, and the message, is that uncertainty is threatening all businesss (particularly small companies) and that Washington has to get its act together.

Let’s try a different approach here, with a video parody that will hopefully drive the message home. The ‘Wait and See’ video is brief (just over two minutes) and makes its point in an entertaining manner. Watch it, share it with others (including your representatives in Washington and Indianapolis) and keep up the good fight.