Going Clean in Colorado

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper may have the right idea (as well as a fun name to say) regarding his campaign commercials in his bid to become Colorado’s next governor. While the ad doesn’t really say much about what he’ll do if elected, it is critical of negative campaigning and may resonate well with voters. The spot was recently featured on The Fix.

Reading Between the Congressional Work Schedule Lines

While Congress has an unusually busy December this year, don’t expect a repeat in 2010. House Democratic leaders have released a schedule that targets an October 8 adjournment.

In the words of Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, "The House vote schedule for 2010 allows ample time for us to build on our work from this year, so that we continue creating jobs and addressing our nation’s long-term fiscal problems. The schedule also ensures that members have the opportunity to conduct important work in their districts and hear directly from their constituents about the challenges they are facing." 

In other words, time needs to be left to campaign with the elections for all House members less than a month away from the October 8 date. The usual recesses (summer period from August 9 to September 13 and weeklong breaks around Presidents Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Yom Kippur) are also in place.

House members seem to be in a never-ending campaign mode with their two-year terms. Should they serve longer or does the current system hold them accountable? Your thoughts are welcome.

IBRG Vendor, Indiana Chamber Member Wins Political Award

Faulkner Strategies of Granger has been awarded a Reed Award by Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine for political professionals in the category of “Republican State Legislative Candidate.” Faulkner Strategies is the best political mail vendor in the Midwest and is a growing Indiana company with a talented staff. IBRG has hired Faulkner Strategies on several races in the last few elections to handle direct mail for our endorsed candidates in competitive races and is a company we have an excellent relationship with.

The mailing that earned Faulkner Strategies this award was for Rep. Dan Leonard’s primary election. This is a race where IBRG was heavily involved and Chase Downham, Indiana Chamber’s manager of political affairs, spent considerable time on the ground running Rep. Leonard’s competitive primary race. Rep. Leonard was a terrific candidate who has done great work for the people he represents and the mail program designed by Faulkner Strategies was effective in telling this story. It played a major role in helping Rep. Leonard win re-election.

Congratulations to Chris, Angela, Jared and the great staff at Faulkner Strategies for this well-deserved award and thank you for being an Indiana Chamber member.

Click here to see the award-winning mail piece.