D.C. is Calling; You Should Answer

Congress has left town — and the old joke is that democracy is safe for the time being. But our representatives and senators will return in September, and you have the opportunity to join them for a day.

The Chamber’s annual D.C. Fly-in is a whirlwind 24 hours (a bit longer about 10 years ago when our large group was trapped in Washington by hurricane-force winds but that’s another story). But it’s an important period in which, for example, Indiana business leaders can tell their reps and key staff members just what they need to do to try and get our econony moving again. The message might start with "Get out of our way," but we’ll leave that up to you.

It’s always a great event. A special presenter this year (at the September 22 breakfast) will be the Canadian ambassador to the United States. The roundtable discusson is one of the few ways to hear directly from most, if not all, of our state’s delegation.

If you’ve been before, you know all about the opportunity. For all others, there are plenty of veterans to help make it a special experience. We look forward to seeing you in Washington.