Popular Credit Union Turns 70; Branch Celebrations on Dec. 7

FORUM Credit Union will celebrate its 70th anniversary on December 7.  In honor of this milestone, FORUM invites members and the local community to take part in a variety of activities including branch events, a special drawing, and numerous prizes.  

FORUM was founded in 1941 as Hoosier Federal Credit Union and served as a financial institution for the workers of Indiana Bell Telephone Company.  The credit union’s name was officially changed on May 1, 2000 to FORUM Credit Union to be more reflective of the credit union as a whole. FORUM is available to people who live or work in central Indiana or who work for a company that offers FORUM as a benefit to their employees.  FORUM has grown from a volunteer-operated organization to one that serves more than 100,000 members.  Twelve branch locations are available as well as online and mobile banking. 
Each branch location will have a special celebration on December 7 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm that will include a $70 prize drawing, refreshments, and snacks.  FORUM will also commemorate the anniversary with 70 Days of Giveaways at www.ForumCU.com.  This online promotion will start on December 7, 2011 and last through February 14, 2012 and will feature a prize giveaway every day.  Participants will have the chance to enter for gift cards, Apple iPods, Kindle Readers, a TV, digital camera, and an iPad. 

For a branch location near you, visit www.forumcu.com

Small Business Owners Deal with Crisis

How are small business owners dealing with the latest financial crisis? How do they know if their bank is failing? What if they have a loan that is taken over by the FDIC or is acquired by a competitor? How could "Alf" speak English so well? You’re telling me the guy is from Melmac, eats cats and has the face of a bull terrier, yet he can pontificate like Oscar Wilde?

BusinessWeek responded to three of these pressing questions in a recent article focused on the impact the recent financial goings on have had on American small businesses. The article touches on the status and trends of banks, credit unions, loans and other information that could be useful to know:

While the financial crisis doesn’t necessarily affect the small business sector directly, economic pessimism and fears about winter fuel costs are likely to sap consumer confidence for some time. "Entrepreneurs should be mentally and financially prepared to hunker down in this economy for a couple of years," Thacker says. "The downturn that started a year ago could last another two Christmas seasons. I’m hoping its going to be less time than that, but people are worried."

Shameless plug: For those truly interested in helping their small business thrive, the Indiana Chamber offers Building a Business in Indiana. This publication, authored by attorneys at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, walks new business owners through myriad trials and issues regarding a new business — things like protecting your company, taking advantage of the available tax credits and grants, legal obligations to employees, tax status and much more.