Throwback Thursday: This Business is Taxing

Today's edition is for all you tax enthusiasts out there. "Ahhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it's party time."

Every year, we reach out to the various government agencies that handle tax filings and compile the Indiana Tax Calendar (here is the 2013 version), which lists the most critical tax deadlines facing Hoosier businesses.

Digging in the archives yielded the 1953 Indiana Tax Calendar (pictured). One striking difference is apparent, in that the document now is just a PDF; we don't even print it anymore.

Some interesting notes:

  • We've since removed the word "State" from "Indiana State Chamber of Commerce," lest people think we're part of the government. We are not.
  • A June 15, 1953 entry: "Dog tax penalty becomes operative. Dog subject to killing if without state tag issued by local official upon payment of tax." Yikes! That's a little harsh, 1953 society. "Sparky, where are ze papers?!?!?"
  • A June 30, 1953 entry: "Special federal tax on narcotics and marihuana due. Form 678." Modern day hippie: "Whoa, I went back in time and they taxed my weed and misspelled it, maaaaaaaaaan."