Getting Some Work in Before Recess

When young students take a daily break from their learning activities, it’s called recess. When members of Congress take scheduled breaks from activities in Washington, the same name applies. There must be a joke in there somewhere.

Anyway, the next recess for Congress is from June 29-July 3. That leaves this week to tackle the ongoing list of weighty issues. What is on the agenda?

  • Climate change legislation is not expected to make it to the House floor despite the wishes of Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman. He says a lack of trust for the "farm community" toward the Environmental Protection Agency is among the roadblocks
  • The House is expected to pass a $680 billion defense authorization bill for fiscal year 2010. Controversy includes the issue of transferring military prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to U.S. soil
  • Health care reform debate goes on with the Senate committee amending its 600-page bill and three House committees looking at an 852-page offering (some of this paper could probably be put to better use in the schools)
  • A high-level White House meeting on immigration reform is expected Thursday. Who knows what will emerge from that gathering

I really need some assistance with that "recess" punch line. HELP!