TECH THURSDAY: Dow AgroSciences Helps Students Put Science on Display

dowEDITOR’S NOTE: BizVoice® has featured technology/innovation stories throughout its 18-year history. Look for these flashbacks each Thursday. Here is a 2015 favorite.

Asking 10-year-olds their opinions about school subjects sometimes can yield unenthusiastic responses.

But when questioned if she enjoys science, Kelli Woods – a fourth grader at New Augusta South Public Academy in Indianapolis – passionately nods and answers, “Yes, very much – because I get to learn about new stuff and find out how it works.”

Kelli describes the project she entered in the school’s fourth grade science fair, in which she tested how soaking white roses in colored water would impact their appearance. “My hypothesis was that the red (would make the rose change colors fastest) because it stains a lot,” she explains. “But it was actually the blue one.”

Dow AgroSciences’ Science Ambassadors gave guidance and judged the projects of Kelli and her classmates in late January in the New Augusta South gymnasium. The scene was not a unique one as Dow’s brigade of over 300 staffers volunteer their time each year, often on nights and weekends.

Last year, the ambassadors visited over 25 schools during about 75 events. Dow developed the program a decade ago, but added a major emphasis in 2012. Since then, officials estimate the company’s outreach efforts to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education have impacted more than 4,200 teachers and almost 200,000 students.

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Living in a Global World: International Center Expands Reach

Imagine the lyrics to Madonna’s “Material World,” and insert “global” where the word “material” usually goes. Truly, “we are living in a global world” – and Indiana is a global partner.

The International Center, formerly known as the International Center of Indianapolis, knows all about that fact and revealed its new brand and another major development during its annual meeting this morning at the Conrad Hotel downtown.

The center, a non-profit organization established in 1973, is now working to serve as a “catalyst for a global Indiana,” essentially extending its reach statewide. Simple and sophisticated, the new logo focuses on the letters INTL CTR. With the name and design changes also comes a new website:

During the meeting, International Center Board Chair Rajan Gajaria, from Dow AgroSciences, spoke to the crowd about how the brand gives the center some new areas to focus on – aggressive growth, both geographically and in types of segments catered to; outreach and education of what the center does; and the ability to serve as a catalyst for Indiana’s growth in the global scheme.

Hoosier companies and individuals across the state, not just in Indianapolis, have worked to become global partners, noted Gerry Dick of Inside INdiana Business (who served as emcee for the event), calling it part of the “evolution of Indiana’s ties to the world markets.”

While the center’s brand is now focused statewide, CEO Diane Thomas also strengthened the partnership with the City of Indianapolis by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – essentially establishing a formal relationship – with Mayor Greg Ballard. While the partnership between the center and the city has grown over the past three years, the agreement reinforces that bond.

“This agreement will strengthen our ability to carry out our shared objectives of increasing the visibility of Indianapolis as an attractive destination for international development, international diplomacy and international exchange and making Indianapolis more competitive in the world marketplace,” stated Ballard in a press release. 

The International Center will assist the city with support services in three areas: protocol and visiting delegation services, the Sister City program and through the Consular Corps service.

“This is so important for the future of Indianapolis,” Ballard told the audience.

For more information on the International Center, visit the web site. To view the MOU, visit