Fort Wayne Metals Melding Teamwork, Success

Fort Wayne Metals takes employee wellness to a new level. Not only does the medical wire company offer onsite exercise equipment, but they also address mental wellness by allowing employees to work with a consulting firm that helps them stay balanced in their personal and professional lives.

What’s more, each employee I talked to during my visit stressed how much the open door policy with management creates an atmosphere of teamwork rather than giving them an ominous Big Brother complex.

Speaking with HR director Dennis Rohrs was especially eye-opening as he beamed about the pride he feels in working with the caliber of people he does. Although, he noted this as a benefit from a very thorough hiring process, which includes such evaluations as the NFL-adopted Wonderlic test. I guess if it was effective enough to motivate the Colts to take Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf, it’ll serve Fort Wayne Metals just fine when considering applicants.

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