Washington Threatening the “Free” in Free Enterprise

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Chamber and others participating in a roundtable discussion earlier today on economic growth and job creation in the Hoosier state all easily agreed on one principle: It’s not about government creating jobs, but government creating an atmosphere for the private sector to create jobs.

Indiana receives a leading grade in that category; Washington does not.

Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar was among the discussion participants. He noted that member companies and others in the Hoosier state "could expand their businesses further, hire even more employees or even re-open facilities but they’re not doing so until they have a better handle on their future costs as imposed by the federal government and the economic direction of our country."

Various business leaders gave examples of growth as a result of Indiana’s entrepreneur-friendly policies and practices, as well as how national actions are threatening their companies and others.

The campaign — American Free Enterprise. Dream Big. — says business leaders understand the challenge, but that those serving in government sometimes do not. It is posing five questions to ask candidates to determine if they are free enterprise friendly:

  • Do you believe our free enterprise system is currently threatened?
  • Do you believe that tax increases hurt job creation?
  • Do you believe that the growth of government at all levels and the deficits that follow negatively impact job creation?
  • Would you deal with the debt and deficit issues through increasing government revenue or decreasing government spending?
  • Do you believe that the uncertainy resulting from pending tax increases, higher government deficits and more government regulations will hurt the economy?

Good questions; ones that deserve honest answers.