Trip to the Pump Not Quite as Painful, Still There is Work to be Done

When you have a 17-year-old daughter who must pay for her own gasoline, each time the pump price comes down is a cause for celebration. I even received a call Wednesday afternoon asking if she should fill up (despite still having half a tank) when she saw the $1.98 a gallon price.

For someone burned by far too many of those hard-to-explain Thursday increases, I went out on a limb and said "No, you can wait." Oil prices are supposed to decrease even further and the down economy (reality and fears) that is contributing to the pump relief unfortunately isn’t going to change overnight.

The Heritage Foundation’s Ben Lieberman offers some deeper perspective, warning that Congress must not go back on its easing of drilling restrictions. It also should reduce the red tape and avoid costly oil and gas regulations. Short-term gain will be replaced by long-term pain if we don’t act wisely.

Read Lieberman’s analysis.

EcoDriving Brings Less Impact to Environment, Wallet

Are you looking to save money at the pump and reduce carbon emissions? Who isn’t. Gasoline prices and going green have to be two of the most popular topics for 2008.

EcoDriving USA combines both. Sponsored by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, with early support from governors Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Bill Ritter of Colorado, the web site and interactive tools offer advice for saving money and reducing environmental impact.

The tips — proper tire inflation, as little stop-and-go driving as possible, etc. — will help boost fuel mileage by as much as 15%, according to the web site. If everyone followed EcoDriving practices, the estimated reducation in CO2 emissions would equal 450 billion miles traveled each year.

We’ve seen the stories with similar pieces of advice. The web site, however, includes a video guide, "EcoCalculator" for determining individual and state impacts, as well as additional information. Check it out. The gas and green subjects are certain to remain top of mind, especially when that credit card bill comes with the purchases at the pump.