Jumping on the Wellness Wagon

I read a recent national study that noted the quantity of wellness programs for employers is not the problem; it’s the quality that’s lacking.

Why are the initiatives not effective in some cases?

  • Not customizing the program to your workplace culture
  • A lack of commitment from senior leadership
  • Ineffective communication about elements of the wellness effort

The research is here; part of the solution can come from attending the Indiana Employee Health and Wellness Summit on September 1 at the Indianapolis Marriott East.

Gov. Mitch Daniels will be there to provide a dynamic opening; state and national experts will deliver keynote and luncheon addresses; and different education tracks will help show you how to successfully implement and improve your wellness programs. The bottom line: enhance your employees’ health and your organization’s bottom line.

Check out the details. A small investment could pay big dividends.

Governor to Legislators: A Billion is a Billion (in Reserves)

Governor Mitch Daniels presented his revised budget proposal to a special legislative committee this afternoon. He closed with announcing that the special session will begin on June 11 (1 p.m.). Among his key earlier points:

  • The special session is "not something to be regretted, but something to be grateful for."  He made it clear that he would have vetoed the proposed budget (defeated in the House in the last minutes of the regular session) due to the unrealistic revenue forecast that was in place at the time
  • He hopes legislators give serious consideration to an education trigger. If revenues do exceed projections at some point in the next two years, half of the excess would go toward education and the other half to the state’s rainy day fund
  • He indicated flexibility within his parameters to legislative wishes with the following exceptions: no gimmicks, no dipping into pension funds and only using one-time federal stimulus money for one-time purposes. "A billion means a billion (for reserves). It’s not a starting point."

Sen. Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville) offered a preview of things to come for the committee:

  • State Budget Director Chris Ruhl answering more legislative questions on Thursday. A recommendation from the administration on the CIB funding crisis for Indianapolis sports and convention facilities is expected later that day
  • Testimony Thursday and Friday from proponents for K-12, higher education, Medicaid/social services and economic development/worker training
  • Legislative caucus presentations on Tuesday, June 9, with a focus, according to Kenley, on "major points you would like to see in the budget, not bringing in the additional bills you would like to see addessed in the special session"

Text of the governor’s address to the public on Monday and slides used in his presentation are available here