Home Sweet (Business) Home

While catching up on a little reading over the holidays, I came across this little reminder about the prevalence of home-based businesses. It even coined a new term, I believe, in "homepreneur." A few of the key points from BusinessWeek:

  • An estimated 6.6 million home-based enterprises provide at least half of their owners’ household income
  • These "homepreneurs" account for over half of all U.S. businesses and employ one in 10 private-sector workers (more than 13 million total)
  • While only 35% have revenues above $125,000 (compared to 75% for non-home-based businesses), these companies measure up to others, according to researchers, on access to capital, benefits to workers, marketing and innovation

The article notes that "technology has made it easier to start and run a business from anywhere. But, just as important, there has been a chance of consciousness in the business world to recognize home-based businesses as legitimate."