IBRG-backed Truitt Victorious in HD26

After all of the provisional ballots have been counted, Randy Truitt emerges victorious in HD26. At the start of the day, 414 provisional ballots needed to be counted. Of these, 112 were in HD26. Truitt increased his lead from 21 to 26 over John Polles. The final result stands at 14,049 for Truitt to 14,023 for Polles. 

Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG) provided significant assistance in Truitt’s effort by producing and paying for a TV spot and invested nearly $50,000 in his campaign. Randy is a strong pro-business individual and will be a strong ally in the upcoming legislative session. Congratulations to Randy!

The House remains at 52-48 Democratic control.

Truitt/Polles HD26 Vote Count Coming Down to Wire

Here is the latest on HD26: Tippecanoe County election officials have looked at the 414 provisional ballots. Of those, only 80 will be allowed and they are in the process of doing exactly that right now. Of the 80, we are unsure how many are in HD26. Even if all 80 are in HD26, John Polles (D) would have to win 50-30 to catch Randy Truitt (R).

It’s looking good for Truitt, but there are still a couple of hours to finality.

Truitt Making a Comeback, Takes Late Lead

IBRG-endorsed Randy Truitt is now 200 votes ahead of Democrat John Polles!

Word is there are still 1,000 votes to be counted. Truitt has been behind most of the night, and is making a strong surge toward the finish line.

Update: The latest word is that Truitt holds a 20-vote advantage with a handful of provisional ballots to be tallied. However, they won’t be counted for 10 days.