Mishawaka Company Adapts to Tough Economy, Recognized by Local Chamber for Economic Impact

For nearly 50 years, Laidig (of Mishawaka) has been providing customers with custom-engineered bulk storage and reclaim system technology. Senior VP Tom J. Lindenman explains the company’s diversified customer base has changed with the times, catering to the different storage needs of the day (ranging from soybeans for farmers to paper sludge for recycling companies to cement).

Lindenman notes that the company has had to make cuts like most other businesses during the current recession, but is also willing to evolve to remain profitable.

"We felt well-positioned to withstand an economic downturn," he says. "But none of us anticipated something of this magnitude. It’s like a 100-year rain.

"If you’re going to grow as a manufacturer today, you have to be willing to do what others won’t," Lindenman adds. "We’re now looking at jobs we wouldn’t have before that include a great deal of paperwork. We’re also looking at handling materials we wouldn’t have 10 years ago … And we’d never been much of a fabrication contractor before, but now with our new expanded capabilities we’re aggressively selling fabrication, blast cleaning and powder coating services particularly for very large (80’ long, 30,000 lbs.) parts."

Due to the company’s collective attitude and market diversity, Lindenman believes the future remains bright at Laidig.

"The reason we’ve been here 50 years is that we stand behind everything we do," Lindenman concludes. "We always stick with the customer until they’re satisfied, and many have indicated to us that not all companies will do that. We’ll continue to have a positive attitude, and will continue to survive and grow."

Furthermore, when asked what Indiana’s legislature could do to help businesses like Laidig, Lindenman stresses that "less intervention" would be the greatest help. Continue reading