‘Doc’ Bowen’s Basketball Connection

The accolades and tributes are rightfully pouring in for Otis "Doc" Bowen. The former legislator, governor and member of Ronald Reagan's Cabinet passed away over the weekend at the age of 95.

I was a student during Bowen's two terms as governor (1973-81). For several of those years, our basketball coach at East Central High School (southeastern Indiana, near Cincinnati) was Rick Bowen, the governor's son. Duties in Indianapolis and around the state certainly kept the state's executive leader busy, but I do recall a few visits he was able to make to St. Leon.

I'm not exaggerating when I say those were very, very special nights at the old high school gym. As a member of the basketball program (statistics and sports writing as my lack of speed and jumping ability had caught up with me by that time), I did have the opportunity to speak briefly with the governor. He was, of course, humble and wanted to talk about his son and our team on the court.

I've read more than a few stories about Bowen, his accomplishments and his classic small-town Hoosier style. He was an outstanding ambassador for our state, no matter what role he was serving. Our best wishes to his family and friends.


Chamber Takes Historic Stance With Daniels Endorsement

The Indiana Chamber has been filling this business advocacy role for a long time — officially since 1922 and for a couple of decades before that. Dealing with political figures has always been a part of the mix, particularly at election time since 1986 with the creation of the Indiana Business for Responsive Government political action committee and its active status in General Assembly races.

So, a first-ever endorsement for governor is a big deal. Mitch Daniels earned that distinction today because of his "record of accomplishment, particularly in the areas of job creation, innovation and sound financial management."

Andre Lacy, Chamber chairman of the board of directors for 2008, offers that it’s all Hoosiers who will benefit from four more years: "A job allows employees to pay their mortgage, send their children to school and take care of their families. That’s why keeping a positive economic climate for business is so vital."

Read the full release here.

Note: Research shows we made an "unofficial" endorsement in 1972 when the Chamber wrote a letter to its members touting the excellent qualifications of both candidates — Democrat Matt Welsh and eventual winner Otis Bowen.