What Not to Do When Dealing With Employees

Ragan offers 10 things you should not do if you want to keep employees happy. I would add stealing their wallets and facial punching to this list. For elaboration of each point, read the entire post:

  1. Playing favorites
  2. Taking sides in employee disputes
  3. Not giving employees clear performance expectations
  4. Not giving employees a forum for voicing suggestions
  5. Hiding the bigger picture from employees
  6. Knee-jerk reactions to disputes
  7. Lack of communication with employees
  8. Ignoring the law
  9. Not trusting your employees
  10. Never rewarding or thanking employees for their hard work

Wanting the ‘Wait’ to be Over

Indiana business owners and operators are saying it. The Indiana Chamber continues to weigh in on their behalf with the same message. It extends beyond our state to most of the rest of the nation.

It, and the message, is that uncertainty is threatening all businesss (particularly small companies) and that Washington has to get its act together.

Let’s try a different approach here, with a video parody that will hopefully drive the message home. The ‘Wait and See’ video is brief (just over two minutes) and makes its point in an entertaining manner. Watch it, share it with others (including your representatives in Washington and Indianapolis) and keep up the good fight.