Legislature 2011: Tallying Up the Victories

The recently concluded Indiana General Assembly session was, in non-technical terms, a really, really, really good one for Chamber members, their employees and all Hoosiers. Chamber President Kevin Brinegar calls it maybe the best overall in his 19 years with the organization.

We told you earlier about a May 13 Policy Call for members that will include House Speaker Brian Bosma and Chamber issue experts. Members can also look for the Final Legislative Report on May 10. In this one, we let our issue experts unleash that creativity that has been building up over the last four months. They’ll give the big picture on what happened, why it happened, who you should be thanking and more.

We’re also in the process of setting up in-person review briefings in communities around the state. Brinegar and the Chamber team will come to your town, provide the overview and answer your questions. We’ll keep you posted as they develop.

The Speaker is Coming, the Speaker is Coming!

What does all this legislative activity (all indications are lawmakers will complete their work on time today) mean for companies, employees and citizens throughout the state? The Indiana Chamber will have some answers during its May 13 Policy Issue Conference Call for members.

Providing some of the analysis will be none other than House Speaker Brian Bosma, who weathered the five-week Demcorat walkout and has helped orchestrate what will go down as one of the most successful General Assembly sessions in quite some time.

Chamber members, you don’t want to miss this one. Sign up today!

Cap & Trade: A Really Difficult 932-page Read

Not sure you understand this whole climate change, cap and trade debate in Congress? You’re not alone. But when it is declared as the biggest economic threat to Indiana’s future, it’s clear we should be paying a little more attention.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee will be attempting a markup of legislation this week that would impact all businesses and consumers (in the form of higher prices). Indiana’s heavy reliance on coal makes those impacts significantly deeper here than in other areas.

The minority Republicans will try to offer a wide range of amendments. They may also try to slow the process, and hope sanity eventually prevails, by requiring the committee clerk to read the entire 932-page bill.

Back to learning more. Try this U.S. Chamber of Commerce fact sheet for starters; for Indiana Chamber members, participate in our June 5 policy conference call.  Invest a little time now to try and save a whole lot of pain later.