Pay Levels for Some Risky Jobs

16456116With deference to the recently retired David Letterman, who doesn’t love a Top 10 list? Especially when the title is “The World’s 10 Most Extreme Jobs.”

This entry offers warning signs for each profession. With cave diver, for example, the cautions are: Drowning due to lack of oxygen; decompression sickness; breathing the wrong gas mixture; and improper training could be fatal.

The jobs, and salaries, associated with each:

  • Cave diver: $58,640
  • Crocodile physiologist: $62,500
  • Whitewater rafting guide: $6,675 per season
  • Skydiving instructor: $24,000
  • Mount Everest guides: $5,000 per season
  • Professional stuntman: $70,000
  • Storm chaser: $60,968
  • Venom milker: $30,000
  • Smoke jumpers: $33,000
  • Safari guide: $73,000

Check out the complete listing for descriptions and warnings.

Go Old School to ‘Game’ the System

I miss the days when game shows dominated the weekday morning TV lineup. Sure The Price is Right still chugs along, and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are evening mainstays – but where have all the others gone?

I know what you’re thinking: Symone, have you heard of the Game Show network? Joyfully, I have. Sadly, I no longer have the channel.

I fear the demise of board games. I devoted hours back in the day to my favorites: Sorry, Parcheesi, Chinese Checkers and Uncle Wiggily (I swear it exists, even though no one but me seems to have heard of it). Uncle Wiggily teaches rhyming, reading and counting as players help a friendly rabbit navigate through the woods to a doctor’s appointment.

Video games, don’t take offense. There’s plenty of room for you in my world. I would boot up my old Nintendo in an instant to rediscover Super Mario Brothers 3. But, you’ll always be my second choice.

Want to know a secret? I didn’t like Life and Monopoly one bit. I remember my siblings trying to play – I thought it was a lot more fun to confiscate the money.

At the Risk of being a bit dramatic (see what I did there? My brother loved Risk), playing board games as a child helped shape my personality. Some were challenging. Others were funny. But all bring back cherished memories of loved ones.

So, dust off Scrabble. Dig out Battleship. Let the games begin!