Connersville Celebrates 200 Years

I recently spent some time in Connersville for its bicentennial celebration. While driving around the town during the 10 days of the celebration beginning on June 28, I could see the excitement and pride that the small town has. I enjoyed seeing signs at businesses displaying, “Happy 200, Connersville” and other accolades.

The part of the celebration that was most intriguing to me was reunion day. I took the short trip to Connersville with my mom, grandpa and sister to catch up with family members and for my grandpa to see some old classmates at Roberts Park, where the day’s event was being held.

When we got to Roberts Park, there were 20 or more tents set up for the schools, classes and organizations in the Fayette County area. I couldn’t believe how many people were there, and they all seemed to be excited to see each other and catch up.

I originally went with my family for a family reunion, but before too long my grandpa had ventured off to see former classmates and long lost friends from the past. Watching him catch up with old friends brought a smile to my face.

We enjoyed some laughs about things in the “old days” and met some of my grandpa’s old friends. It was a great experience that left my mom and I wanting to know when Rushville’s (my hometown) bicentennial would be, so that we could share in a similar experience.

Happy 200th birthday Connersville, and congratulations on hosting a successful celebration! I know that it was an event that will be remembered for years to come. And all Hoosiers can rejoice together in 2016, when the state celebrates its bicentennial.