Corydon an Ideal Weekend Get-Away for Those On a Budget

My ladyfriend and I took advantage of some lovely late summer weather last weekend and headed down to Indiana’s former state capital — Corydon. We stayed at the Kintner House, a well-known bed and breakfast. We felt like royalty in the William Henry Harrison room, which serves as an homage to our former President (although his stint at the helm was brief).

While in Harrison County, we toured the first capitol building and an early Governor’s mansion (I even bought an artistic rendering of the scene from a local consignment shop for my new home).

In the afternoon, we took a cave tour at Squire Boone Caverns — an Indiana Chamber member. The tour was quite enlightening as we meandered through stalactites and stalagmites nearly nine stories below the ground. Seeing rock formations formed over millions of years is quite humbling — a feeling most of us don’t experience nearly enough (if my hours of watching reality television — or watching Kanye West do anything — are any indication). We also sported a serious glute burn on the 60-foot climb up a spiral stair case back to the surface.

All told, if you’re on a budget and looking to get away on a one-tank trip — to borrow vernacular from Bob Gregory — I highly recommend the Corydon area, especially as fall approaches. Visit Indiana’s blog has a more detailed post highlighting the history and allure of our former capital, as well.