County Counts: 2010 Business Numbers

Population statistics for Indiana counties in 2010 don’t reveal many surprises. For those interested, we’ll list the top 10 below.

I came across some recent numbers, however, that included businesses, sales and employees by county. Among the items that jumped out: Elkhart, while sixth in population, number of businesses and employees, generated the third highest sales total.

Here’s the numbers; draw your own conclusions.

Top 10 in population:

1. Marion: 892,403

2. Lake: 501,248

3. Allen: 356,857

4. Hamilton: 280,425

5. St. Joseph: 271,159

6. Elkhart: 202,892

7. Vanderburgh: 176,122

8. Tippecanoe: 168,650

9. Porter: 165,244

10. Hendricks: 143,458

Top 10 in businesses (ranked by number of employees)

COUNTY                            BUSINESSES           EMPLOYEES              SALES

1. Marion                                33,788                     633,691             $157,929,646

2. Allen                                   12,540                     197,661              $48,525,593

3. Lake                                   15,207                     176,748              $37,617,188

4. St. Joseph                           9,146                     135,683              $24,793,763

5. Vanderburgh                       7,432                     131,769              $24,693,842

6. Elkhart                                  7,137                     122,835              $38,245,084

7. Hamilton                              9,350                     115,316              $24,953,277

8. Tippecanoe                         4,871                        88,321             $22,935,115

9. Monroe                                 4,608                        62,571             $11,051,280

10. Porter                                 5,362                        58,493              $15,312,321 

Truitt/Polles HD26 Vote Count Coming Down to Wire

Here is the latest on HD26: Tippecanoe County election officials have looked at the 414 provisional ballots. Of those, only 80 will be allowed and they are in the process of doing exactly that right now. Of the 80, we are unsure how many are in HD26. Even if all 80 are in HD26, John Polles (D) would have to win 50-30 to catch Randy Truitt (R).

It’s looking good for Truitt, but there are still a couple of hours to finality.

IBRG-backed Truitt Goes On the Air

Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG) continues to support Randy Truitt in the House District 26 open seat by producing and purchasing a TV spot. This is one of the most hotly contested races this election cycle and this contest has been high on our target list even before the retiring incumbent announced that he was not seeking re-election.

Having spent significant time with Randy over several different days this year and having spent time interviewing and campaigning for hundreds of candidates, I can tell you that Randy is one of the best candidates I have come across. He has a strong understanding of issues, a strong conviction on those issues and has the personality necessary to energize voters in Tippecanoe and Warren Counties. Simply put, the Indiana General Assembly needs people like Randy Truitt.

The contrast between the two candidates in HD26 is considerable. As an entrepreneur and small business owner who has strong community ties, Randy Truitt is clearly the only candidate who strongly supports the legislative agenda of the Indiana Chamber.

Here is the TV spot:


To view the complete list of IBRG-endorsed candidates, visit its web site.