No Longer the Amateur Sports Capital?

That amateur sports capital label that Indianapolis has worked so hard to earn and maintain over the years may not apply anymore.

Steve Penny, leader of USA Gymnastics, has called Indy home the last 15 years. He wants a rebranding of his adopted hometown to sports capital of America. Why? It has something to do with “owning the town.”

Our BizVoice magazine Business of Sports feature highlights the four Olympic sport national governing bodies (track, diving and synchronized swimming in addition to gymnastics) that call Indianapolis home. Their impact and business partnerships make a difference throughout Indiana.

And be sure to check out the sidebar on Olympic diving champion David Boudia and the significance of the Indiana University Natatorium. Since that story was completed, Boudia has qualified for three events in the biggest meet of 2014 — the World Cup in China from July 15-20.