Takin’ It to the Streets: Hot Dogs on the Way Out in American Cities?

Tired of having nothing but hot dogs, sausage, and nitrate sticks for your afternoon snacks? (Provided you purchase your snacks from strangers on the street.) Perhaps serving as a complement to the celebration of culture that is the Olympics, Governing.com reports U.S. cities are now looking at new, multicultural foods to don their streets.

Governing Magazine reports:

In many places around the country, food-cart options are exploding as vendors branch out and offer new fare. American cities have never had quite the street-food culture that urban centers in Europe, Asia and Africa do. But some sidewalks in the United States are starting to look like a global buffet — with vendors selling everything from crepes and kebabs to vegan burgers and Korean Bi Bim Bop. Street food today means a whole lot more than hot dogs and pretzels.

See there, I thought Bi Bim Bop was simply a type of jazz, so I guess you learn something new every day.