Talking Politics and Da Region

In a recent BizVoice magazine roundtable discussion on the 2008 political season (see the story here), the question was asked whether regionalism really matters in the 21st century as much as it did before.

The quick, almost in unison, answer from Matt Tully of the Indianapolis Star and Joshua Gillespie of Hoosier Access: In this state, yeah.

Tully, speaking of his former home turf of Northwest Indiana: "They feel like they’re part of Chicago." Noting Gov. Mitch Daniels’ many visits to the region in the last four years, he adds, "TV advertising is not going to do it. You’ve got to show that you go up there."

Gillespie notes: "When you actually have Lake County Republicans talking well about Gov. Daniels … there’s no way he wins it, but there’s a better chance he gets a better performance."

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