Tallying Your Legislative Votes

We’re celebrating a most successful 2011 Indiana General Assembly session and trying to let you know about it in various ways — short video; final Legislative Report coming next week; May 13 Policy Call, etc.

But even in a really, really good year, there are legislative goals that fall short. Our recent poll question asked which of four initiatives the Chamber should continue to pursue. Your responses were fairly evenly split between three of the choices.

Passing right-to-work legislation and meaningful local government reform each received 33% of the votes. Close behind was a statewide smoking ban at 27%. Lagging at 7% was eliminating the state estate (or death) tax.

Message received. We’ll continue to plug away on those issues and more.

Our new poll question (top right of the page) asks you to select the biggest "victory" of the 2011 session.  Tell us what you think.