Taxes a Key Theme Around Nation

Stateline reports that many tax-related questions will arise via ballot initiatives throughout the nation this election season. Here are just a few I could glean:

* Will the Land of Kennedys be Tax-achusetts no more? It’s possible if the Small Government Act is passed.

* Will Colorado’s "TABOR" be abided? What exactly is it? If you’re like me, you incorrectly guessed it was the name of the newest American Gladiator. Lesson learned.

* Will Nevada adopt a property tax cap similar to California’s? Maybe, but let’s hope the Silver State remains the archetype for good times. After all, Danny Gans needs to make a living.

* Can both taxes and spending be cut in some states? They will if Grover Norquist has anything to say about it.

Grover … also not a gladiator, oddly enough.