SmartFile Cooks Up Technology Version of a ‘Bake-off’

I can't say I've used the word "bake-off" much, if at all, in my business writing over the last 15 years. But then times are changing and this 21st century bake-off has nothing to do with a kitchen or its accompanying appliances.

The quick summary:

SmartFile, a market leader in business class file sharing, challenges Indiana college students to put their creative technical skills to work, collaborate and think big. Apps must integrate with SmartFile's API to enhance some aspect of the file sharing/digital asset management experience. Fifty two-person teams will compete for 50 days, but only three will walk away with a little more wealth and wisdom.

It's the 2013 SmartFile Platform Bake-Off, offering $17,000 in cash prizes to student competitors from Indiana colleges. Check out this video or web site for details. Registration began February 1.