The Environmental Debate: Expect a Whole Lot of Gas in Washington

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released an endangerment finding on Friday for greenhouse gases. What does that mean? Two members of Congress have decidedly different views.

Edward Markey (D-Massachusetts), Energy and Environment Subcommittee chairman in the House: "History will judge this action by EPA, along with the Supreme Court decision (which led to the EPA review)  … as the environmental equivalent to what Brown v. Board of Education meant to our nation’s civil rights laws."

James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), Environment and Public Works ranking member in the Senate: The finding "is the beginning of a regulatory barrage that will destroy jobs, raise energy prices for consumers, and undermine America’s global competitiveness."

President Obama and Democratic leaders want to move forward legislatively with a cap and trade plan, along with renewable energy and efficiency mandates. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold four days of hearings this week on a draft plan, including an expected 80 witnesses.

The impact on Indiana, and its reliance on coal, would be enormous. Yes, protecting the environment is important. Doing so at the expense of business and economic development would be devastating.