The Intern Chronicles: Keeping Cool on the Job

It looks (and feels) like summer has finally decided to kick into high gear, with temperatures consistently hovering around 90 degrees. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of echoing your relatives who’ve retired to Arizona: “But it’s a dry heat!” 

No, the heat is not dry here. In fact, during lunchtime this week the humidity index was 62%.   I don’t know what that means except that combined with the heat, it’s the point at which I want to collapse on the sidewalk and lie in the fetal position.
And apparently, it’s the point at which three friends and I decided to walk the 330 steps up to the top of the Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument.
After eating lunch on the circle (I had a toasted Subway sandwich that was not toasted before I left the store), we made our way up. The top is anti-climactic to say the least, with no information plaques or quarter-operated telescopes or room to walk around or air that is not your friends’ recycled breath. Additionally, the sun beams in through large windows to create an environment much like an oven, wherein the only thing baking is the collective sweat of those unfortunate enough to have made the climb. Our stay was brief. 
I had a good sweat going as I returned to the offices, and I became very appreciative of the AC that welcomed me.
I know there are plenty of businesses that aren’t so lucky, and I feel for those who have to deal with this heat on the job. But according to a research project in the UK, personal comfort isn’t all that declines when temperatures rise. The study revealed that heat makes 63% of workers sleepy and lethargic and that 59% admitted to being less productive.
So the next time you think you’re saving money by keeping the AC off, remember the findings from our friends across the pond and reconsider. Besides, you don’t want all your chums smelling like rubbish.