They’re Speaking; You Should Listen

The Economic Club of Indiana has been doing its thing – bringing in nine thought-provoking speakers for a series of monthly luncheons between September and May – since 1974. A who’s who of Central Indiana business leaders has voluntarily guided the organization’s efforts over those years.

But who have been the most popular speakers? George Schultz, secretary of state at the time, attracted a record crowd of 2,400 in 1985. Other Cabinet officials (Donald Regan and Dick Cheney), presidential hopefuls (the elder George Bush, Ross Perot and Steve Forbes) and numerous media figures have come to Indiana to test their ideas and share their insights.

Two national thought leaders – Steven F. Hayward and Walter Williams – will take to the stage on April 29 and May 9, respectively. And work is under way on the lineup for 2008-2009. The Indiana Chamber serves as the administrative arm of the Economic Club operation.