Throwback Thursday: The 1900 Census

Today's surprise from yesteryear features a copy of the 1900 Census abstract book we found in our archives.The book is over 440 pages long and it contains enough statistics to make even Ken Jennings' head explode. But here are some you'll find interesting:

U.S. Population
1890: 62,947,714
1900: 75,994,575 (about 51% male)

Indiana in 1900
Population: 2,516,462
Population engaged in gainful occupations (at least 10 years of age): 1,006,755
Foreign born population: 1,058
Population unable to speak English (at least 10 years of age): 12,118
Males of "militia age": 530,615
Population attending school: 491,951
Illiterate population (at least 10 years of age): 90,539