Tools to Help You on the Path to Wellness

Not all wellness programs are created equal. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Since all companies and their employees possess varied circumstances that make them unique.

But while there are differences, there are also lessons and best practices to be learned from others. And resources ready to help. One of those resources is the Indiana State Department of Health. 

ISDH’s Healthy Communities Division is developing a workplace wellness toolkit specifically tailored for businesses with fewer than 100 employees. The toolkit will feature feasible and effective strategies for businesses that do not have the same support structure and resources that large businesses are afforded. 

How can you be among the first to benefit from this toolkit? Take part in a pilot initiative. Receive a copy of the toolkit, training and specialized technical assistance from staff members of the Healthy Communities Division.

Those interested in learning more about this valuable opportunity should contact Jennifer Taylor, worksite coordinator, with the Indiana State Department of Health Healthy Communities Division at (317) 233-8204 or [email protected] by Monday November 22.