Total Internship Management Roadshow Coming in January

This blog was originally posted on Indiana INTERNnation:

Attend one of three nationally recognized recruiting seminars about successfully implementing internship programs to utilize affordable college talent.  Indiana INTERNnet has partnered with Intern Bridge to deliver the Indiana INTERNnet Total Internship Management Roadshow in the following locations:

January 18, 2011: Fort Wayne, IN
January 19, 2011: Indianapolis, IN
January 20, 2011: Evansville, IN

The workshops are designed to help employers build world-class internship programs that have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.  The workshops will introduce attendees to best practices for building a talent pipeline through the use of effectively managed internship programs.  Whether your organization is considering hiring one college student, or one hundred, these workshops will demonstrate how to do it creatively and efficiently.  Based on just-released data from over 100,000 students attending 500+ universities nationwide, the programs will provide key data and metrics surrounding topics such as supervisor selection, work structure, compensation, working with universities, legal issues and much more.

Intern Bridge is the nation’s leading college talent consulting and research firm.  Over 10,000 employers have participated in professional development events nationwide, a testament to the team’s ability to help employers build effective and meaningful college recruiting programs.  These recruiting strategies provide a unique opportunity to tap into an educated workforce at a fraction of the cost of a full-time or temporary employee.

Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in this nationally recognized program!  To learn more, visit the following location specific web sites:

January 18, 2011: Fort Wayne, IN –
January 19, 2011: Indianapolis, IN –
January 20, 2011: Evansville, IN –

We look forward to meeting you during one of the three stops on the roadshow.  Thank you for helping reduce Indiana’s “brain drain!”