Townships Sinking Lower and Lower

As we approach Halloween, how appropriate that township officials keep delivering tricks (with no treats) to taxpayers. We’ve seen plenty of examples of referendum campaigning while on the job from the layer of government that is "closest to the people."

Stop Governing Like This reported last week that the Indiana Township Association wants more dues from its members to fight the Kernan-Shepard recommendations and suggests using funds earmarked for professional dues and subscriptions. That’s taxpayer dollars for a political campaign.

You’ve got to be kidding! Can anyone really think that this outdated form of government should be sustained?

0 thoughts on “Townships Sinking Lower and Lower

  1. I could not agree more with Tom’s frustration. I met a successful business owner last week who wanted to get the message out that wastful spending and higher taxes will cause him to eliminate at least some employees. He really doesn’t want to do this but it is a simple fact that his books must balance. We should at least be efficient with the tax dollars we are already spending and then there would be no need for more taxes.