Truitt Making a Comeback, Takes Late Lead

IBRG-endorsed Randy Truitt is now 200 votes ahead of Democrat John Polles!

Word is there are still 1,000 votes to be counted. Truitt has been behind most of the night, and is making a strong surge toward the finish line.

Update: The latest word is that Truitt holds a 20-vote advantage with a handful of provisional ballots to be tallied. However, they won’t be counted for 10 days.

0 thoughts on “Truitt Making a Comeback, Takes Late Lead

  1. My sources tell me that Indy lawyers have descended on Lafayette in a desperate attempt to convince election officials to give them a peek at the provisional ballots presumably so they could find out who cast those votes. The Clerk said NO! Good for her! I was told that an Ice Miller attorney was there representing the Democrats. They’re everywhere!!!