Trying to be Unconnected in a Connected World

Boy, all this technology sure makes it more difficult to get away when those vacation opportunities arise.

As you read this, I’m sitting on a beach in Avon (no, there are not beaches in the fast-growing Hendricks County community, but in a lovely stretch along the Outer Banks in North Carolina). And double no, I did not write this from the beach, although I easily could have and that is the point with this post.

One almost feels guilty today by being away and not taking the laptop, checking the e-mails, reading the Tweets, calling in for an "important" meeting, and on and on. I’m successfully overcoming those worries thus far. Why? Wonderfully talented colleagues in communications at the Chamber and a staff that knows how to get things done. And if they need me, I’ll answer the cell call or at least return the message.

How about you? Are you able to "disconnect" from the office when away? Are there any unwritten expectations that make that difficult? Or is it turn the lights off when leaving the office and not think about work until you return? 

Interested in your perspective.

One thought on “Trying to be Unconnected in a Connected World

  1. Tom,

    I was away last week. I was not as connected as you because we were celebrating our honeymoon in Aruba but this was by choice as the resort has wifi (I was just more interested in the wife). I was very interested in happenings at work (with the special legislative session) but was able to let go and disconnect. This was largely possible by having a boss that once did my job and was very willing to fill in. It is more difficult to disconnect when you know everything is just a click away but I found that preparing beforehand and having a meeting with your boss, colleagues, is very helpful.

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